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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why Cow Hollow Coffee? Because we pay special attention to roast coffee the way it was meant to be roasted, and to get coffee any fresher you'd have to roast it your self.

2.) Do you always have roasted coffee on hand? I always have green coffee beans on hand but I don't roast the coffee until you order it and only roast what you've ordered.

3.) Where do you get your green unroasted coffee beans from? I get coffee from two different suppliers. One is based out of Oakland California and the other is based here in Matthews North Carolina.

4.) How long should I expect to wait to receive the coffee once it's roasted and shipped? We use USPS Flat Rate boxes and envelopes via, so I'm able to print stamps and ship packages without going to the post office.

5.) Is whole bean my only option or can I get it ground specifically for my brewing method? While grinding your beans right before you brew the coffee is always the best option for optimal taste and flavor not everyone has a coffee grinder. I can grind the beans to your specific brewing needs. Drip, pour over, espresso, french press, and yes even K-cup filter.